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20/11/2008 - By now has a Career Center that we would like to invite those of you who may have job openings to link up and promote on this site.

We have been inviting our students across all the industries we serve to create profiles and post resumes and have over 800 candidates and counting across allied healthcare, power, safety, real estate, insurance, finance, cosmetology and
more. There is no fee for this service and we will also be hand matching candidates to jobs posted. Iíve attached a flyer about this new service. To post your jobs and get them in front of qualified candidates today, simply create an employer account to get started. Everything you need is below, but please also let me know if you do decide to link to our career center so that I can add this to your profile. If you have any questions or need help please contact me.

1) Create an account at
2) Once the account has been approved you will receive an email
3) To login and post jobs, click the employer login tab from the home page of Career Center and login to proceed to the screen to post a job

Here is a quick 1 minute tutorial on how to perform these steps above:

New Courses:
Those of you who were offering Texas Food Handler courses should have noticed a change on your virtual university recently to one Statewide approved course instead of county by county courses. This course is $10 at Retail cost. We also have a City of Plano Food Handler course for $30 because we have included the county fee. If you do not currently have these courses, but would like to, please let me know and I will have them loaded. This is a new approval for us and will be a great way to expand your revenue in a new market.

New Opportunities:
Learn2Serve is looking to expand our business with partners who are classroom
providers/trainings in the following states. If you are interested in finding out more, please list what state of the 5 below you train in, and whether it is food or alcohol. Arizona, Maryland, Nevada, California, and Florida


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