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15/01/2009 - By

New Jersey: There will be a meeting of the New Jersey Adult Cabaret Association on Tuesday January 13th, 2009, at 1PM at Chris Michael’s Steak House in Woodbridge, New Jersey. 1300 Us Highway 9 N (732) 634 5355 Woodbridge, NJ 07095

It is imperative that every adult nightclub operator in N.J. attends our next meeting. All adult businesses are now at stake of being closed down by motivated religious right groups in Atlantic, Burlington and Ocean Counties who are pressuring Senator Christopher Connor to post Bill S-945 back into committee. Please call adult nightclub owners that you know, to attend this vital meeting. New Jersey adult nightclub owners can only win this battle, if everyone works together.

Please RSVP your attendance to [email protected] If you need additional information on Bill NJ S Bill 945 and our next NJACA meeting, please call Executive Director Jeff Levy at 954.253.6511.

Pennsylvania: There is a meeting of the Pennsylvania Cabaret Association on January 23, 2009 at 1PM at Zee-Bar ( next door to Delilah’s) 100 Spring Garden Street, Philadelphia, PA. Please inform any adult nightclubs owners in Pennsylvania to attend this most important meeting. The Independence Law Center may be coming to your township soon. They have already been successful in three Townships passing adult entertainment regulations.

Florida: Palm Beach County is charging an additional $50 for the privilege of exotic dancing. The county commission voted to increase the fee that dancers pay for work identification cards, to $75 from $25. The fee for a duplicate will rise to $25, from $5.

South Carolina: Legislators and Lobbyists in Columbia contacted ACE National to inform club owners that the Palmetto Family Council has met and will reintroduce the CCV “Community Defense Act” to the legislature.

Exotic Dancers go Mainstream: Just 10 years ago, if you saw a real-life exotic dancer on TV, chances are she was being filmed inside a club with a hidden camera. But now, in the era of reality TV, the cameras and the dancers are out of hiding, according to Spread Magazine. It's a phenomenon that started with a little sideshow called "The Real World" in 1992. The premise was simple: Take seven people from diverse backgrounds, lock 'em up and watch 'em melt down. During casting, the producers, Van Nuys-based Bunim/Murray Productions, reportedly had only one requirement: "Make sure one of them's a stripper." The result was the longest-running series in MTV history. This year, Bunim/Murray raised the bar: After 20-some seasons of "Real World," they finally noticed that the exotic dancers got the best ratings bump. So they created what is basically the same show, minus the virgins and any semblance of coherence, and dubbed it "The Bad Girls Club." Many of the dancers interviewed said they welcomed their 15 minutes of fame as long as they have some control over how their public persona is portrayed. Look for more “stripper-based” reality shows in the works, including "Stripper for a Day," where non-pros get strip lessons from the pros, and "American Stripper," an all-stripper version of "American Idol" hosted by porn star Ron "Hedgehog" Jeremy. Liv Osthus, the stripper known as Viva Las Vegas, sums up the conundrum: Reality shows, she says, make dancers more mainstream, more acceptable. She notes, my fancy college newspaper” interviewed her.