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Washington D.C.:

Opposition Research from the Family Policy Council: (Editor’s Note: WRAP, aka, Wearing the White Ribbon Against Pornography, also includes Adult Clubs)
This week is Pornography Awareness Week, an annual observance that is needed now more than ever. Due to the neglect of many in law enforcement, the laxity of some in the media, the ingenuity of online marketers, and the vulnerability of human beings, pornography and its devastating effects on individuals and families are a pervasive problem. Computer usage, which already fosters a false sense of connection in isolation, has proved a breeding ground for pornography. Dr. Janice Shaw Crouse of Concerned Women for America (CWA) notes that Internet porn sites have grown 19-fold since 1998. Today there are more than 1.5 million such sites. Whoever is elected president next week will have a fresh responsibility to examine what the amoral porn industry is doing to spur violence and family breakdown, and to enforce the federal laws already on the books to combat this menace. Family Research Council is pleased to join many excellent organizations like Morality in Media, CWA, Enough is Enough, and Alliance Defense Fund in urging legislators, pastors, coaches, fathers, and all Americans to embrace the message to WRAP up and discard porn.

New Jersey:

The New Jersey Adult Cabaret Association- NJACA, The NJ State Legislature is
now back in session. A NJCA MEETING will be held after the Presidential Election. It has been discussed that Bill S-945 could be posted again in The Senate Community and Urban Affairs Committee. The NJACA will need to discuss our options to stop this dangerous bill from being posted in Committee. Bill S-945 is the most detrimental bill in New Jersey and the nation. The consequences of S-945 would have devastating effects on all adult entertainment facilities, both Juice and GO-GO. Primary Sponsor Senator CHRISTOPHER J. CONNORS District 9 (Atlantic, Burlington and Ocean)


Visitors to Cherokee County KS exotic dance clubs will find that they're getting more for their money than ever before - more clothes on the dancers, that is. That's thanks to a recent resolution adopted by the Cherokee County Commission that bans nudity in strip clubs. Further adding to the inconvenience of offering adult entertainment in the area is a new requirement that all related businesses procure a business license, a license for each manager, a license for each performer, and a license for every person serving food or beverages. Business licenses are $1,000 per year, with managers and performers needing to cough up $250 annual for their licenses. Wait staff must pay $100 per year for the privilege of serving customers. The new regulations affect three businesses already providing services and will apply to any that open in the future.

"I think this is a good plan," Commissioner Charlie Napier opined to the Joplin Globe. County Counselor Kevin Cure is eager to begin putting the new regulations into action, observing that a club which claims to offer nude dancing is in violation with not only the new rules but those established in 1992. According to Cure, the club serves alcohol in an area that does not obscure the performers from view with a wall. Also facing expensive changes are the Sensations Gentleman's Club and Terry's Outlet, which sells videos, toys, novelties, and print publications. Licenses may be denied by the country for anyone convicted of a sex crime or a number of offenses involving firearms, alcohol, or promoting obscenity.


The Next Meeting of the FL SEA will take Place on Monday, December 1st @
4:30pm at Tootsie’s Cabaret Conference Room located @ 150 NW 183rd Street Miami Gardens, FL 33169-3341 Phone: (305) 651-5822 At FL SEA we know that, right now, the economy is in bad shape. So we're doing something about it! All FL SEA Members are invited to a private, invitation-only "Christmas Comes Early” cocktail reception Monday, December 1, 2008 directly following the ACE National Board Meeting at Tootsie’s in N. Miami. ACE National, in conjunction with Tootsie’s Cabaret, will be hosting a private party (open bar and appetizers) for ACE National Board Members and FL SEA Members. The private reception will follow the ACE National Board Meeting which will begin at 6 pm. FL SEA members and curious adult business executives are invited to attend both the ACE National Meeting at 6pm and the FL SEA meeting. To RSVP that you will be attending our “Christmas Comes Early” Celebration, please send an email to [email protected]


Some spectacled dancers in Las Vegas are looking are seeking votes for looking like Sarah Palin. Club Paradise says it plans to host a lookalike contest in honor of the GOP vice presidential nominee, and is bringing in women from gentlemen's clubs all over the country to compete. They'll be judged by club guests on how they resemble Palin while wearing a swimsuit and how well they debate, according to a news release. A vote will determine the winner. The prize is a $10,000 package, including a trip to Washington for Inauguration Day in January.


Club Risqué, in Philadelphia, is the first gentleman's club in the country to
sponsor a highway, according to those who coordinated the sponsorship on the club's behalf. "This is something we can do to make us smile and feel good…" said Club Risqué Marketer, Bob Welker. Under the Sponsor-A-Highway program, which differs from the Adopt-A-Highway initiative, businesses and individuals pay a professional company approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation to do a laundry list of services, including litter pickup and vegetation control, said PennDOT spokesman Charles Metzger. "Sponsor-A-Highway is for areas too dangerous for volunteers to go," he said. Welker said stretches of I-95 were chosen because three out of the businesses' four locations are directly off of the interstate. The highway signs, replete with the Club Risqué logo and signature pouty lips, started going up in the last month. The program is one of the club's many charitable efforts, including breast-cancer walks, food drives and, coming in January, a blood drive for the American Red Cross, he said. The club may even consider community cleanups with the Risqué ladies at less dangerous locations off of I-95, Welker said. "It's not a bad idea for a promotion for any of the communities if they need help cleaning up," he said. "I'm sure if the girls are out there cleaning, it would get the guys out there
cleaning too."


When it comes to the presidential race, Ohio is the envy of them all. A perfect blend of cities and countryside, the Buckeye State is America's political sweetheart. There, in this little U.S. microcosm, voters have an uncanny knack for picking the winning presidential candidate. In the last century, only two presidents have been elected without carrying Ohio. As ACORN pounds the pavement for new voters, the allegations of fraud are boiling. More than 200,000 of Ohio's 660,000 new registrations have been flagged as mismatches. While Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner (D) says she is committed to making Ohio's election an honest one, Ohio’s GOP claims she has yet to comply with federal law. It demands that she safeguard the democratic process by verifying the thousands of registrations in question. The Ohio Republican Party sued Brunner for compliance with the law. A judge says they waited too long. Democrats called it a partisan attack. Their accusations carried over to Hamilton County where prosecutor Joseph Deters (R), a CCV crony, allegedly uncovered problems with hundreds of absentee ballots. When he turned the investigation over to another prosecutor, many said the probe was fueled by GOP ties. Also of interest, check out Ken Blackwell's piece in today's Washington Times, "Voter
Fraud." Blackwell was the former Ohio Secretary of State during the 2004 election. He lost his bid for governor so the CCV swept him into Washington, D.C. where he now is a “fellow” for the Family Research Council.