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Erotic Bakery USA

Erotic Bakery USA
Erotic Bakery USA Extremely nude curved female red string nipples and clit torsoSassy bitch standing tall on long hard cock torso and jeans erotic cakeVivacious extra large animated like giant mama tits and red polka dot string bikini take a bite out of her ass and body life like erotic butt cakelips and clit pink pussy dripping erotic and sweet cakeExploding dick cake with a balloon that pops in the headA hot erotic stranger draped in a exotic white sweet cloth

1521 Alton Rd

Miami, FL 33139

Erotic Bakery USA, erotic cakes, bachelor 866-396-8429 cakes in one hour any where in USA.

Contact Name: Aaron
Contact Phone: 1-866-396-8429
Contact Fax: 917-591-9602
E-mail: [email protected]

At Erotic Cakes Bakery USA all of our cakes are hand carved and not made from a mold. Each of our customers get a unique personalized design. At EROTIC our decorator hand draws on each individual cake. We will create any design that you can imagine from a couple making love on top of a cake to a bachelorette hand carved dick or bachelor female torso with edible panties bra. We are also the leaders in the most exotic shaped cakes. Our male or female erotic body shapes are always the talk of any bachelor Shower or bachelorette Party ! All our loyal and new customers are welcome to design their own cake. Erotic Cakes Bakery USA is happy to create a cake to your specification. Our Motto is "You design it, we will bake it" Our Adult X-rated party theme cakes go over great at an x-rated party at your home.