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Roberta Gemma

Roberta Gemma
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Ft Lauderdale, FL

Italian Porn Star Roberta Gemma will be at Exxxotica Fort Lauderdale 2013 May 31 till June 2nd, don't miss the chance to meet her in person, she is a sweet, beautiful and talented actress making it big in the adult business for quite a while already.

Contact Name: Roberta Gemma
Contact Phone: 899 02 36 26
E-mail: [email protected]

Roberta Gemma, born Floriana Panella, hardcore is the undisputed protagonist of our own. He made his debut very young in a contest on the site "Clarence" cliccatissimo with a photo shoot, which gives eloquent poses a display of his generous and natural forms, as well as its free-range and genuine femininity.

Originally known as Roberta Missoni, is forced to change his last name because of an uncomfortable homonym with a fashion company. Darling of the small screen also boasts numerous appearances on popular television programs recorded by the cameras of "Candlewick" semi-finalist in "Veline" and protagonist for "spot advice" of the 2008 season for the program by Gene Gnocchi "Arthur".


His many fans can now admire it in the best clubs lap-dance of the boot, where she performed sex shows nothing short of breathtaking. Roberta Gemma is a visionary entrepreneur herself, cleverly combines sensuality with a strong character, determined and never overbearing, always ready to receive the embrace of his admirers.

Warm and affable, Roberta embodies the erotic ideal of the Italians, thanks to its simplicity that makes it even more unique. A pride of our own. Thanks to the call by Roberta shows in America poses unprecedented exclusive fetish and the first interracial, or scenes with a black boy turns, in fact, in Miami. Scenes, however, still muted because you must wait for the release of films made in co-production with the great Mario Salieri.